Choose your adventure below, or contact me to create a custom-crafted theme for your trip!

It's in my nature to go above and beyond to ensure you have a great time in Cape May. I can assist you in planning a wide range of activities from theater shows to water sports, securing reservations at the most popular restaurants, arranging transportation and assisting in booking your stay at hotels, motels, and AirBnB's. Every client is unique, so it's very important for me to understand each individuals wants and needs to make certain that you have an unforgettable trip.

Destination Packages

A Week of Fine Dining

Long vacation? Wine and diners? Simply love fine cuisine? Allow me to arrange reservations and transportation for you in Cape May’s finest and most reputable restaurants. Enjoy exquisite dishes such as foie gras, Cape May salts, award-winning soups and seafood you wont ever forget.

P.S – I never forget dessert.


There’s nothing like spending quality time with your best friends, especially when celebrating love! Cape May is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful brunch and visit wineries and breweries for tastings and tours that everyone will enjoy. Soon to be mama? Don’t worry – I have you covered. End the night or weekend with a group dinner, or a private chef to whip up a home cooked meal.


One of my favorite things about my hometown is that everything is in biking distance. I can point you towards the most breathtaking scenery that Cape May has to offer. More avid bikers? Have no fear. I can set you up with local bike tours that travel longer distances up the coast!

Valentine's Day Special

Ladies & Gentlemen! Need some help or advice planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your significant other? Have no fear – I am a hopeless romantic just waiting to assist you in creating the perfect day or evening with your loved one. With access to the top restaurants in town, romantic tours, and simple but sweet activity ideas, I can ensure you it will be a day you’ll remember.


Breweries are continuing to pop up all over Cape May County. Some serve food, others hold tours. There’s a brewery for everyone – even for those who don’t necessarily even enjoy beer. I can assist you in picking one, or a few, breweries that you would enjoy with family and friends based off of the type of atmosphere you enjoy!


You simply cannot visit Cape May without visiting at least one of the beautiful vineyards. They don’t call us the Garden State for no reason…There are hidden gems all over Cape May, and I know exactly when and where to send you. Not all of the wineries serve food, so it’s always good to plan your visits carefully!

Looking for a custom theme for your trip?

I am all about the tiny details, and I know sometimes they are the most important factors for a special occasion. I can customize an entire itinerary based off of your vision. I like to believe that everything is possible and am always up for a challenge. I want nothing more than to custom tailor an itinerary just for you.